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Resources for schools

We have produced two 'Sticks and Stones' schools resource packs – one for Key Stages 1 and 2 and another for Key Stages 3 and 4.

The packs have been specially developed with the support and input of a number of education professionals, for use by teachers in Personal Social Health and Economic (PSHE) Education lessons. They contain a variety of useful information, lesson plans and materials to raise awareness of mental health and learning disability stigma in schools.

The key aims of the packs are:

  • To provide teachers with a range of varied and comprehensive ready-to-use lesson plans for use in PSHE / Citizenship lessons on the topics of mental health, learning disabilities and stigma
  • To introduce young people to a range of issues that people with mental ill-health and learning disabilities have to deal with
  • To examine the words people may use to describe people with mental ill-health and learning disabilities and understand why they are wrong  

What do teachers think?

"The Stamp out Stigma lessons have been really well received by the pupils at Lawrence Sheriff School. The students have enjoyed the lessons and responded very maturely to the subject matter. We will definitely continue to include the materials in our PSHE programme in the future!"
- Bronia Costello, Head of SMSC / Student Learning Coordinator at Lawrence Sheriff School, Rugby.

"The pupils all responded really positively to the workshops and were keen to get involved with the discussions around mental illness and learning disabilities. I was amazed by the honesty of the pupils and their eagerness to learn more about the topic." - Elisabeth Whelan, Head of Key Stage 3 PSHE at St Gregory's Catholic High School, Warrington.

FREE merchandise for your school...

If you are a teacher and require any resource packs, information or advice, you can contact us on 01925 664002 or to make your request via email. We can also provide a range of FREE branded materials to aid learning, such as posters, pens and wristbands. Please note that due to limited stock, we can only send up to 50 of each item.

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